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When it’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Roof

The signs for when it’s time to replace your commercial roof are a tad different than the signs on a residential roof. For example, commercial roofs are typically flat while residential roofs are sloped and covered in shingles. If you own a commercial building, Overland Park roofing companies say it’s important to be educated on the signs of roof damage to avoid expensive roof repair in Overland Park and to keep the people in your building safe. 

Damaged Flashing

According to the best roofer in Overland Park, damaged flashing is one of the most common points of entry for water on commercial roofs. Flashing is the metal material that is placed among seams where roof angles meet. It can become damaged over time and due to extreme weather.


An alligatoring flat roof is a sure sign your commercial roof needs to be replaced or coated. A flat roof that is alligatoring produces cracks that resemble alligator skin. When this happens, water can easily enter the roof and damage its structure.

Pooling Water

As commercial roofing contractors in Overland Park, we often find that many people believe flat roofs to be extremely flat. However, flat roofs actually have a slight slope to them, which is why if you see pooling water on your roof you know you need emergency roof repair in Overland Park.

Ceiling Stains

A noticeable sign for any roofing system that it’s time for repair or a new roof in Overland Park is ceiling stains. Water stains on your ceiling means you are experiencing a roof leak or puddle saturation.

Increased Energy Bills

A very common yet hidden sign that it may be time to replace your commercial roof is when you notice an increase in your building’s energy bills. High-energy bills tend to be a sign of inadequate insulation or cracks in your roofing system. If you’ve noticed a steady increase in your bills, it’s best to call an Overland Park roofing company to come out for an inspection.